How to take sexy pictures of yourself

June 17, 2007

Pictures are a rather crucial part to happy long-distance relationship. Sure, you should send pictures of things you do, your friends, your apartment, and other non-you stuff, but you should also send pictures of yourself. You know, to remind her of what you look like.

(There are usually trust issues with sending potentially-career-threatening pictures of yourself over the Internet. If you have those trust issues then you’re wasting everyone’s time by being in a relationship. Seriously, cut it out.)

Crowds is rather vain and, as such, had been sending me provocative, sexy pictures for some time. I had never reciprocated, partially because I didn’t know how to take a provocative, sexy picture of myself. So I asked her how a man can be sexy.

At first she had no idea. “Guys don’t relaly have anything to work with, except being attractive,” she explained. Then she gave suggestions. These are very her-specific (and perhaps me-specific), but it’s a good base:

  • Boxer-briefs are sexier than boxers.
  • Pants are unsexy.
  • Let your hair down (I have long hair).
  • If nude, have an erection.
  • Don’t throw a “sexy face“.

One Response to “How to take sexy pictures of yourself”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I am in a long distance 7 months relationship with my boyfriend and we are totally in love. I took some sexy pictures for him and sent them to him and he absolutely loves it. His new hobby is to shop for lingerie for me… and then I take pictures wearing it. I have lots of fun doing it he loves it. I also did a sexy video for him. That was fun too. It really help keep our relation very spicy even from a distance. I use my own camera. I have a canon digital camera where I can turn the screen towards me so I can see myself when I take the picture. I also work a little bit with Adobe Photoshop to edit little unwanted details (Hey every model edit their pictures a little bit!)
    Anyway I would certainly recommand it to anyone.

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